My Eid Series [2] - Shahana : the last as mama's girl

We continue our “My Eid series” we started with Thasnim. If you haven't read it yet and don't know what these series are about, I have explained everything HERE.

On this post, it is Shahana who is sharing her Eid memories.
So who is Shahana (aka shana kutty) to me? How we met?
Well, we never met. She's a friend of mine in my virtual world - I shall have an entire post on that later.

 I really wanted her to be a part of these series for 1 reason, humm... no 2...Actually many reasons, and here are few points:

1- This year, her Eid is a kind of turning point for Shana. An Eid during which, I am sure she had many moments of flash back. Keep reading, you will understand why.

2 - She's a talented all-rounder- Ma sha Allah. Her Instagram is such a fun, colorful page. I would describe it as an unpredictable one, because her domains of interest have no barriers. Ma sha Allah! A girl like that will for sure have a lot to share.
With her permission I am giving you a hint of what her Insta page looks like with few of her doodles done during Ramadan and Eid day.

3- I knew She would say “YES I am IN”. And as expected, she sent me a page with detailed description. I felt like I have spent that day with her. 

Now let me take you to her Eid journey so far…

1- Presentation 
Name: Shahana
Hails from:  Cochin
Currently: Cochin 
Occupation:  Graduated, now studying a professional course (company secretary)

2- Show us your Eid outfit, where did you buy it from? Why this outfit? Any specific reason?
We have a custom that, once our engagement is done, the Eid dress and eidi [pocket money from elders] would be given from the IN LAWS. As per the custom, my in laws visited me, with a beautiful Eid dress, eidi , and few eatables.  Yes, next year by this time, I would be, in sha Allah a married woman. [The dress is the one she is wearing in the picture above]

3-What do you consider as  MUST on your Eid day?
I live in a place where pre-Eid or "perunnal raavu" is celebrated with great JOY all around.  Night STALLS for food and toys/trinkets/and everything required for Eid will be visible everywhere. There are few places in Cochin, known for the huge rush created during this time. And it is fun to take a stroll through those places.
Another favorite thing is to get henna done on my hands. I'm a huge fan of HENNA. I don't know why, but I feel my hands are prettier with henna. A good amount of crackers are burst too. 

In my “to do list”; visiting my cousins, spending some quality time with them, playing around, and sleeping late night, take an important place too.

4- Yesteryear's Eid or nowadays celebration? (Differences, habits, which one do you prefer the most)
I love everything old school, and yesteryear's Eid was, and will be my favorite. 
Growing up, few things changed. But I'm my old self.
A round in Cochin, a walk in the middle of the night stalls, that ambiance, brings good old MEMORIES from my childhood.
One favorite part of yesteryear's Eid was attending the Eid gah [The Eid prayer is performed in congregation in open areas like fields etc]. I remember wearing my new Eid dress and walking towards the prayer ground with goose bumps while listening to the TAKBEER [takbeer, is the term for the Arabic phrase Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر), usually translated as "Allah is great"]. Praying, hugging and greeting everyone saying "Eid Mubarak”.
Of course Eid is incomplete without eidi! Family members always pamper the little ones.With my cousins we used to be so excited to collect the CRISP NOTES and keep it safe.
I also remember the sumptuous breakfast and lunch. Real traditional way! Setting out to meet the dear and near ones

5- How special was your Eid this year?
Ramadan and Eid are when I realize how TIME FLIES and how things change. A great reminder that tells me that nothing is permanent, everything changes. 
This Eid and Ramadan, we really missed three members of my family. Coping up to the loss of our dear ones is not easy. All our prayers will do them good.
This year, there weren't any Eid gah due to the heavy DOWNPOUR. Pre-Eid day wasn't celebrated much. I did my usual Eid baking/ preparing for the next day.
I did my henna one day before. As we all have a CONFUSION about which date Eid falls on. And I was in love with the STAIN. [On this note, Shana added this too: « there's an old saying "the darker your henna, the stronger is his love for you, hehehe” – Can’t wish you better ShanaKutty !] 
Customary Eid breakfast would always be a SPREAD of scrumptious food.
This year, amusing yet emotional fact is that this will be my last Eid-Ul-fitr before wedding, as a single girl (read as mamma's girl). I was all teary eyed for the fact that, next Eid onward I'll be in the "adult" category, and away from my home. Sigh!
Eid is, and will always be family time for me.

Here is the stain :D

Thanks a ton Shahana for sharing your thoughts, memories, your art works...all these without hesitation. Keep the spirit my dear. 
Through this post, let me wish you a great married life blessed with Imaan (faith) and all the blessings from the Almighty...Ameen

Shana, believe me you will appear on this blog more than once ... :D


  1. Beautiful post Shahana! Who did your mehndi? Did u do it by yourself? Beautiful!


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