Bread Roll - Roll Ppang

At last, fianally, ENFIN !!! 
It's been ages!  

Since I became a pinterest addict, I was planning to try out one of those dinner rolls I used to see in my feed. 
If you want to follow me on Pinterest, here you go: 

Buns, milk buns, dinner rolls, texas roadhouse rolls... 
They appear in different names, certainly different tastes as well. 

But I never attempted any of those recipes.  Why? I think I was quite scared to fail.
For me, making your own bread or buns, was like an accomplishment, or something meant to be done by an experienced cook or by a lovely dedicated mommy who never complaints (errr...I am none of these - lol). 

So in my mind this is the  lady who could serve hot buns for dinner :

And then, one day, during my assignments submission period, I found the courage in me to attempt it. 
Yes;  studies can make me do anything but studying. ^-^

I picked Maangchi's recipe. She's a cute cuuuute Youtuber.  
Her laugh, her accent, the small tips (beauty tips in a cooking video - this is called "versatility") , her cute gesture, are enough to make you fall for her. 

I followed the recipe WORD by WORD : first attempt led to success.
They smell good, they were soft and so easy to make.  
I think I have never followed a recipe so faithfully, and it paid off my friend ! 
I tried the buns with jam and milk, just as she said. 

(can't align theses pics ...why ? why this happens to me ???)
Here is video of the recipe. I am subscribed to her channel and I am sure you will do the same especially after listening to her at  5:06 ... Hahaha...she's sooo cute !! 
Thank you Maangchi ! xoxo


  1. Looks Good !!! Trust you for the taste ;-)
    So next time v meet, buns it is for snacktime....

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  4. I know, it's so good. 100 stars everyone!

  5. It is very nice of you providing the video tutorial, I am not afraid that I couldn't make this, I want to follow your step.

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