My Eid Series [1] - Thasnim : no Eid without cousins

Ramadan and Eid are over. 
I am waiting for next year to immerse myself in that atmosphere of peace and serenity. 
I think that a majority of the Muslim community awaits Eid with a mix of EMOTIONS: sad to put an end to the fast, but happy to celebrate Eid. Because, it is a day to be celebrated with a "c "capital.

What are these series about ?

I asked to few women in my surrounding -virtual and real- how they did celebrate Eid this year. What makes their Eid special? What are the RITUALS animating that specific day? Is the celebration as good as it used to be ?

Few of my girlfriends across the world accepted to contribute to this small serie. 
I asked to all of them the same following questions: 
1- Name + where do you live + Where do you hail from + occupation
2- Show us your Eid outfit - from where did you buy it ? Why this outfit if any specific reason?
3-What do you consider as  MUST on your Eid day?
4- Yesteryear's Eid or nowadays celebration? (Differences, habits, which one do you prefer the most)
5- How special was your Eid this year ?

Me, who wanted to do a sort of medley of all the testimonials for each question, I couldn't decide what to feature and what to not. 
Souvenirs or emotions make sense as a whole. INTACT
I personally enjoyed reading them, entering their world for a time lapse.
So lets start these small series with Thasnim.

The first testimony

Here is Thasnim Shahin. 
She was the first to say YES to my query. Answers are SHORT, straight to the point.
She is my cousin brother's wife. To be precise, the first sister in law on my mother’s side, and the only one till to date. (^○^)

I think that many married women can relate to Thasni's Eid.
Family and especially COUSINS play a big role during celebrations. No matter if it is a wedding, Eid or a vacation, their presence itself makes any celebration fun filled and memorable.
But after your marriage, you are in between two houses: yours and the husband's. Eid is also synonym of back and forth between the houses. 
Now, let's hear from her. 

1- Presentation 
Name: Thasnim Shahin
Hails from: Trichur,
Current place: Qatar
Occupation: Health and Safety Officer - Qatar Airways

2- Show us your Eid outfit, where did you buy it from ? Why this outfit ? Any specific reason ?
 Eid outfit is from Qatar, nothing specific about the costume. Wanted something SIMPLE.

3- A MUST on your Eid day ?
Having lunch with family and relatives (most of them).
Some mehendi designs – [Usually she does it by herself]. Fire crackers a must.

4- Yesteryear's Eid or nowadays celebration?
Eid in Trichur is my favorite, as we cousins spend out the previous night together with games and activities. Now it is more or less complicated, busy schedules and RESPONSIBILITIES... However I enjoyed this Eid.

[Going to the beach with cousins, HA ! Nostalgia you caught me! ]

5- How special was your Eid this year?
 I was able to meet most of our COUSINS.
Although you [me], Sudha, Yaseen and Meera were missing.
[Well, the whole family gathered at my place. Spending Eid with our grandma was the main intention. I missed it, did witness everyone enjoying in my house without me through Whatsapp- I was really really sad]
Had fun chatting and gigling, of course as the mobile network has NO RANGE there... (Just kidding).
[hehehe...Okay Okay I agree but see, having no range has some plus points too : being able to appreciate the real world, the present moment]

                                                  The new gen of cousins! 

Thank you Thasnim for your contribution, you were the first to give me a GO said a big YES for this series.  
Picture courtesey to her hubby Shahin Olakara. His FB page