My (not so new) resolutions

If this post is for you to read, for me it is a reminder.

I have started to implement most of these resolutions way before the New Year. So it is not really a “New Year” resolutions because these changes or projects are already settling down in my daily life.

I know there is this debate about believing or not in New Year resolutions.
Why not believing in them?
Basically, taking new resolutions is trying to be better or trying to achieve something. Successful or not, the initiative itself is commendable because it is a step towards improvement, so why not believing in that?

To me, any new phase of my life is an opportunity to evaluate myself and make changes. We don’t need to wait the New Year.
Example: end of holidays to start a new routine, end of Ramadan, new month…etc.,
Like the end of an exam to pledge that for the next one I would not wait last minute to study. Well, that one was pretty much a failure! LOL

My resolutions can be divided in two categories: my projects on one side and self-betterment on the other.

Work on myself

Head full of thoughts, ideas, plans… I am a day dreamer, an enthusiastic who always want to do 1000 things.
But I can easily get distracted, bored. I start something and a minute later I jump to a new task.
Even though I would manage to get things done, with my lil one in my life I have to say bye to the gypsy side of mine.
Mind mapping is really helping. I cannot draw but writing down my thoughts with shapes and colors is helpful. It DECLUTTERS my mind and that helps me to FOCUS

Something that has changed my life a lot, is staying away from negativity. 
This may sounds like those “happy quotes” you share on social media but honestly I have implemented that in my life step by step.
It really helps. I am more serene, I feel simply happier and more open: LET IT BE, LET IT GO.
One cannot achieve that in one day but it is possible. Will tell you how on another platform than this blog (keep reading). 

MINIMALISM is something I have started 3 years ago when I moved to my new place. 
I decided to not overcrowd the flat with furniture, kitchen utensils. I don't even own a microwave. 
I need to expand this “philosophy” in other parts of my life.
I have been decluttering a lot since my pregnancy. Very much inspired by Marie Kondo just after reading some reviews of her book. I must put my hands on it and see what more I can change.

Procrastination is the enemy I have always followed. But now, as a mother, the notion of time has taken an entirely different dimension.
I am sure you must be thinking that I am ultra-busy, with a huge pile of laundry on one side, diapers and milk bottles on the other. NOT AT ALL.

Since my mother was with me, it is totally CARPE DIEM
I am, Thank God, enjoying with my lil one so much and I cannot think of putting an end to this pleasure.

➽➽ If time is money, if time is precious, then I am going to give mine to my daughter. 

I need to VALUE TIME.
I have started few new habits, if it works well then it is going to be the subject of another post.

To be honest, there are many other changes I am adopting, i have adopted, especially in my way of perceiving certain points. I did not write them because then I would have to go to some details and here I am learning to focus and making priorities. So let’s sum up:

#DECLUTTER {mind/space}

My projects

All these projects were burning in my head since some time (count this time in years). 

Sell my photos: Years ago I have uploaded some pictures on a photo selling website, and I just need to complete with few more to be able to sell.
This year I need to fix that.

Start my Youtube channel as a natural continuity of the blog. 
Photography is my passion and I want to put my hands on editing. 

I am also social media lover -for the impact it has on the society more than being a frequent user- so Youtube is definitely a huge platform I wanted to try since I started blogging, my Youtube page was even set from the day I started my blog but... I did not focused.

Now with my baby in my life, if writing becomes a bit challenging in terms of time I can still communicate through images.
The content will be wiiiiiiiiiiide: life style, organization, hauls (baby + me), motherhood, reviews, travelling, food, vlogs... anything I like or come across in my life. 
And NO NO, I am not going to be a beauty “guru” or a cooking diva, I don't want to close myself in a category. 

The channel would be in French with may be English subtitles [i need to see how time consuming it is], some with BGM so it speaks to the entire world. *SMILE*

This very very smaaaall “feel good”video was taken in 2013.  I love small videos with an ambiance. Here I wanted to make baby steps in making videos, try to at least focus well.
I kinda like it. So do subscribe to my channel.
[awww I am uber excited about this]

Ps: These chouquettes aren’t perfect but I swear the taste was good and on my second trial I got perfectly puffed chouquettes. #frenchpastriesRlife

my second trial chouquettes 

Family E-shops. Yes I said shops and not shop. We are never over ambitious. :D

The project of doing a business with my sister and mother isn’t new. It’s been YEARS and somehow it got delayed. Well, as I believe things happen when it should happen. 

We have already started by selling our first batch of goods- THANK GOD- it went well. 
Now the most boring part is on its way: administration procedures.
Aahhhh France and its bureaucracy!!! [Sigh].

My sister who is into accountancy is the perfect one - ma sha Allah- in terms of organisation. 
I was into marketing before getting hooked  and I just enjoy being in my element: logo, pricing, orders, purchase, contacts. 
My mom and  her selection skill, her taste , will be our right hand in this adventure. 
Having a developer  as my husband that solves a huge headache.  
This is my dream team. If God wills ... :D

So guys stay around.

Write with hands, write better and write in French.
I am closer to Molière than Shakespeare. 
I miss writing in the language I am the most comfortable in. 
Years ago when I started the blog, I decided to write in English as a challenge. Improve my level in English was one of the aim.
I can put a tick mark on that resolution of practicing English more. [Now that was a successful resolution – yipeeeeee]

With my Sophia I want to write quicker, add new themes in the blog [motherhood being one of them] and I want to express myself with more depth.
I was very hesitant but yes this is my last post in English. 

Though I wasn’t a regular blogger, I used to have readers from some islands I discovered the existence through this blogging; I will miss that for sure. 

A bientôt mes amis...


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