Monthly Sum Up: August 2016

Here, I am starting a new category on the blog: the monthly Sum Up.

Its aim is to share with you the HIGHLIGHTS of the previous month: those highlights can be tangible, intangible.
I would like to cover as diverse areas as possible: beauty- health –food –cleaning – d├ęcor –entertainment –people – quotes –fashion –ideas –events-blogs- youtube- Instagram accounts…etc.
I put no limits; I will share whatever got my attention at some point of the previous month.
Those highlights are not necessarily all positives, I will also include some flops, some "so so" reviews.

I hope I can do it every month, but if there is a month during which I have not much to share, then I shall combine 2 or more months together. I will not post an article just for the sake of posting something. NO WAY
I don't put a fixed date as well, because at the end when I blog I want to enjoy and not put any stress over my head.

Hope you will like it... Let's start...


             1-      A gift from God
The first and not the least! This is not really an august sum up but since feb.
I am expecting a baby. Thanks to the Almighty. I had to put it in the first place as of course this is my turning point in life and for sure this beautiful state of being pregnant has an impact on whatever things I have done, tried the last past months.
Girl or boy ? The answer is on my Instragam page @namispage

#Beauty / #Health / #Wellness
2-      Shower Gel -Nivea Bath Oil
This shower oil is supposed to do the work of a shower gel plus the work of an oil by moisturizing your skin.
Smell: lovely.
Texture: oily at first then forms a thin layer of white foam, quite appreciable.
I don’t think I will buy this again as it doesn’t really keep its promise, my skin wasn’t more moisturized after using this oil bath, though I admit while taking your bath it gives a nice feel but after I would say nada
Let me mention that my skin is really dry, if you are on normal to medium dry skin it may work on you.I love the concept, for lazy people who don’t like to apply cream this concept is really nice.

3-      Shower Gel - Adidas Skin Detox Exfoliant  
I loved it. I felt seeing less ingrown hair while using this shower gel.
Smell: nothing special.
Texture: small exfoliating beads are felt on the skin.
I will definitely buy again.

4-          Deodorant – Nivea Fresh Natural 0% Aluminum
The highlight of this product is that “0% aluminum” mention, It may not content aluminum but it has alcohol and therefore it burn a bit the skin – eerrrr not the best feeling!
Plus it is very watery; the spray doesn’t really dilute the product, so you end up with droplets in your armpit. So in case you are in hurry and you wear your top just after using this deo, well you leave a trace on your top.
Smell: OK
Packaging: glass, not very handy if you want to carry with you. The size is fine.
Yay or nay: “No aluminum” tag made me forget other criteria such as the alcohol content. So be careful.
As a deo, I did not notice any good or bad performance but certainly the most inconvenient deo I have used so far.

5-      Roll On Arabic perfume
It’s a pity that I don’t remember the name of this perfume. It’s a gift from my best friend and I had a good use of it. Of course I got it way before the last month but I finished it on august and I was pretty sad that I got over. :-c
You may have seen it in my post name “what’s in my bag”. If not the link is HERE
I can’t give you more details and I am so sorry about it – but I still had to mention it since this product was truly a highlight.
Having a roll on perfume in your bag is really really useful.

6-      Hand wash: Palmolive Magic Hand
Smells: awesome
Texture: super awesome, that foam gives a pleasing feel while washing your hands.
Unfortunately my skin did not bear the formula. My hubby used it, he had no issues but on my hands the result was really bad. It dried my hands even more than usual.
The skin between my thumbs and the index finger became so dry that it was almost cracked –HORRIBLE. 
Sadly, I won’t buy it anymore.
I have no problem with other products of Palmolive, in fact I am currently using another Palmolive hand wash. But this one : no thanks.

#Food / #drinks

7-      Nutella
Here is the trace of my pregnancy. Since the beginning, sweet was my weakness. ‿♥
I don’t recommend eating Nutella a lot since I became an adult- how sad! The main reason being the fact, it contains something very bad for you: palm oil!
What to do, during a very hard first semester, there were only few things I could eat, and Nutella was one of them. Its unique smell of chocolate brought me back to my childhood. I was not very proud to give this to my body and baby but I couldn’t help it.

8-      Bonne Maman Jam - the mini pots
On the same note of nostalgia, Bonne Maman jam is among my favorite, and this mini version is ultra-cute!
Got them from my mom, I have finished the classic strawberry jam first then the blueberry. I kept the bottles to use them for a DIY I have in mind.
Thumbs UP for its packaging !


      9-      Cadburry Hot Chocolate
     During my first semester I wasn’t at all attracted by tea. I couldn’t drink tea! For the tea addict I was that’s not a bad thing either.
So I switched to hot chocolate.
I got it from UAE and I totally love it. It is not too strong, very mild and this fall season I might fuel my body with it. 
I am thinking of adding some marshmallow in my hot chocolate, lit some candles, nothing better to welcome autumn.


      10-   Taste from home, Indian snacks; herbal medicine
Ah! I am so lucky, thank God! 
As my brother in law went to India, he could bring me a lot of food, snacks from home, Kerala. 
In other terms, a pregnancy pampering via a big size parcel straight from homeland.
Mangoes from my garden, perfectly ripe jack-fruit, fish, beef fry and my most favorite snacks –I snack a lot! (✿◠‿◠)
I must thank my all-time favorite Aunt, who did all the hard work to gather my make me a dry herbal mix meant to reduce water retention and other benefits.

#Home / #Decor / #Cleaning

11-   Mister Proper
I love this product. It gives an extra shine to your bathtub, the washbasin and I also use it in my kitchen sink though it’s supposed to be a “bathroom product”. Never take those mentions in account, as the brands just want you to buy more and more products.  
I am currently trying other products, will give you my feedback on  the next monthly sum up

12-   Fabric softener – Vernel Soft and Oils
Different from the usual softener I have used due to its texture. Oil like texture- I should have taken a picture of the product. It smells extremely good.
The only minus would be its small size and the price- a bit higher than other softener.

#Information / #SocialMedia

13-   Awerness - Cosmetics
The connection between cancer and cosmetics is clearly explained in this video. I love its format with a clear animation and a simple language accessible to all.
Let me tell you, this video is not new. I may have seen it before but today this video talks me more than ever. Motherhood ? May be.
The first product mentioned in the video is the shampoo Pantene, which I am using since my teenage. *PLING*
It is also a great reminder of the power we have as consumers. YES …We have the ability to make the brands stop using harmful ingredients. 
This video had an impact on me, I am not saying that from tomorrow itself I will be able to change my habits from A to Z. No one need time.  But I am going to be more careful and make small changes that would lead me, us- my family- to healthier habits.
Have a look.