30 Random Facts About Me

1- I have had only 3 hour tuition in my entire schooling (In maths).

2- I was born in INDIA and grew up in FRANCE since the age of 5.

3- One. 
That is the number of  days I have spent in a school in Kerala.
I remember crying, sitting on the teacher's desk and facing my comrades. Why? For what? No idea, though I was an easy kid (at least that's what people say).
Grown up, my mom reported me that I THREATENED the teacher saying: "if you beat me again I will jump into the well". She totally freaked out! Hehehe …

4- I am not a phone person, I don't like spending a lot of time on the pone but at the same time  I don't know how to stop a conversation. I am so not comfortable to put an end to it that I even tend to prolong the discussion for no reason.  

5- It's been about 4 years that I stopped drinking sweetened FIZZY drinks. Not that I don't like that - a cola with biriyanee or pizza is a killing combo!
Cola, sprite, Orangina ...etc, those bad guys are out of my life- hopefully forever.

6- I am French-Malayalam bilingual. To the question in which language you THINK, I am quite perplexed.  That's a very hard question. Have you ever asked yourself how you think during the process of thinking? 
There is one thing I am sure about; I can count numbers and months in French only.  If you read any of my post carefully, you may sense a French "translated" English as I always think In French and then process it down to English. I can read Malayalam but writing is more difficult and my handwriting is just horrible. 

7- As of now, I have ZERO nail polish, foundation, eye shadow, blushes at home. One day, may be and why not. I am quite scared to use chemicals on my face. I try to avoid them the maximum, sometimes I feel like trying because I find it really good on others but on me ...I am stuck. 

8- I never thought I would be wearing HIJAB one day. Today when I get a compliment on the way I wrap  the hijab, I am uber uber happy! My hijab is my crown. 

9- I did my degree in marketing and recently passed a diploma at the Alliance Française in order to teach French as a foreign language. My mom always wanted me to become a TEACHER, she used to tell me how good that profession is. 

10- I am extremely, extremely scared of snakes. Just seeing a picture of that creature makes me SCREAM.

11- Spanish was my second language. I can still understand, unfortunately lost the touch in speaking. But I am sure it is somewhere in my HEAD waiting to get stimulated. I love that language, one day...I hope...

12- I have no technical knowledge in photography, though I use DSLR cameras on manual mode most of the time. It is a lack I need to work on very soon!

13- I am quite impulsive. That’s bad, I am working on it... I am am working on it. ^sigh^

14-Literature was my majors In High School. I was so lucky/blessed to have had great professors. 

15- When I was 15, 16 or so, I ABRUPTLY stopped wearing kaajal (eyebrow pencil) /eyeliner.
I felt being depended on it. I didn't like the fact that I was using it each and every time I was stepping out of home. 
It is may be just a thin black line on your eyes but it makes such a big difference on your face. 
I felt like I was faking myself. I felt like it was not me anymore. I even stopped facial cream for a while- which is not at all recommended especially during winter. 
That was just a phase, but even today, I make sure to go out bare face once in a while. I try my level best to not be depended on people but also on material things.

16- I am a hopeless NOSTALGIC!
I very much cherish my childhood memories of Kerala. The garden, sand, food, cousins, the movies of that time, songs, food again… Sounds cliché?  Some clichés so are perfect!

17- I first refused to apply for the French CITIZENSHIP.
Not because I wasn’t close to the main country that made who I am today; not at all. It was very hard for me to abandon my Indian passport, my roots, because that is also another side of mine. Dual nationality would have been ideal.
Life thaught me that “sentiments” have no much place in the society. Later, the laws got stricter and I struggled to get some papers from India. So when I started the paper works, I really really wished to get my French citizenship from the very bottom of my heart. Oh yes, my father, he was such a supporting pillar during the whole process. Thank you Uppa !

18- I love watches.

19- I am a cleaning freak. A controlled one, I have no OCD- Thank God ! But I tend to be very PICKY on few things like cooking odors - they are my enemies, using coasters is a must, I can't cook without an apron, no food/snacks in bedroom...etc. 

20- I wore just one NECKLACE on my wedding day.
In 2008, it made some people talk- of course some of the guests- as it wasn’t very common in Kerala to wear minimal gold for your wedding. For me, I wanted something that goes with my outfit, that’s it. As simple as that. At least I didn't go unnoticed (^wink wink^) and today it's even a trend. I am totally proud!

21- I have never colored my hair. I love BLACK hair so much. Darker, the better. 

22- My face on an ad!
My uncle, who is a professional photographer, drew a picture of me when I was little. A pharmaceutical company used it for one of their ad. We discovered it while travelling in a bus, on a huge BILLBOARD near Azhikode- and few other places. So I used to be very excited to pass nearby in order to see myself. Please excuse my narcissism I was little. :P

23- I used to be very ACTIVE on Flickr, Facebook destroyed it. My account:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/nimimol/

24- I have worked 2 years In Mc Donalds during my college days. I had fun.  It made me handle money. It made me organize myself better, MANAGE my time. The procrastinator I am, needs to be busy to value time.
Besides that, You have no idea of the quantity of French fries, milk shakes, potato wedges I have eaten within those 2 years! OMG!!!!

25- I still have some clothes I wore during my school days.
Meaning they are more than a decade old. They were quite in good shape, I gave away most of them as they were wearable and plus I needed to gain some space. I VALUE my belongings very much and I am very careful. I think I got this from my mom who did handover me two pans she got in august 1990, the year we came to France. Ma sha Allah, they are still in good condition and I use them since 7 years. 

26- “Yep” instead of yes: IRRITATING!!
For me it denotes a certain arrogance.
Disclaimer: I am not saying that every individual saying “yep” is arrogant but to me it sounds so. I really wished to know what the person saying “yep” has in her/his mind.
Is it: “Yep, are you an idiot isn’t it obvious?!”, “Yep…see I have other stuff to do, don’t waste my valuable time” or is it “yep…I am so trendy man that I don’t say yes anymore”.  “YEP” I am old school (meaning: so what?) Hehehe.

27- My best FRIENDS are 3. One is my sister, the other is my husband and the last one is a childhood friend who probably doesn’t even know that I do consider her as my best friend.

28- The only series I have watched from the beginning to end is “Lost”.  I have tried other series but I have never been able to cross the 4th season. Lost was that catchy! I get bored really fast.

29- A beautiful landscape can make me CRY.

30- I was a TEA addict. I used to drink 5 to 8 tea a day. I down it to 2. Hurrraaaayyyyy !!!

Voilà!! Hope you enjoyed it. 

Here I am tagging few  bloggers I do follow. I am sure they have cool stuff to share. 
Stay tuned to their pages, to read their stories. 






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