My Eid Series [3] - Simi : In Germany we feast in our way

Many people did ask me how it is to be a Muslim in Europe. My answer is that there is nothing like a specific country that will make you a better Muslim.
TRUE: your environment can make it easy or the contrary, it has an impact, I agree. But I believe that your faith, your ethics are within yourself. How good you are as a human being, as a believer isn’t a matter of borders. If you change according to where you are, then you should evaluate yourself. How weak or strong is your faith ? 

In Germany, we do fast like in any other place- even for a longer time – and celebrate Eid as good as possible as we don’t have a day off on Eid. Employees must take a LEAVE and kids a day off from school. It is 100% YOU who have to put the effort to bring that festive mood in your house, because around you there isn’t any sign of celebration.

For the 3rd "episode", lets go to SIMI's PLACE where she did host the Eid party [heyyy and I was there too]. In addition of our own pleasure, showing our kids the importance of this day is one of the aim.

Simi, her hubby Ajax and their two lovely kids, Liya and Amil, are settled in Germany. Their ROOTS -both cult and cultural- aren’t left behind. The kids juggle between Malayalam language classes and the madrassah (religious education school). So yes. If there is a will, there is way.

She is one of my BESTIES in Germany. It is always a pleasure to go to her place. As a good host she is, she will make you feel comfortable and there is always something special to eat [by the way we are all foodies]. 
Together, we have our small group counting 6 CRAZY HEADS including me! Time flies when we gather. Ma sha Allah.

Synopsis of that day.
This year in Germany, Eid took place on a Friday. After the prayer we -malayalees from different cities- gathered at her new built house. Snacks, food, drinks, we all brought an item, in order to participate and make it as homely as possible. The Eid lunch was fabulous and the biriyanee was to die for. 
We were all wearing new clothes. After a heavy lunch, the guys enjoyed the garden whereas the girls found happiness in laying down on a bed chating and giggling like school girls. We made ourselves comfortable by changing our new Eid dress to something more casual. We felt at home. 
The tea time was really fun with many snack items. Then, we enjoyed the lovely weather in the garden by taking selfies, pulling each other’s leg [of course], putting henna on our hands.
The party ended after dinner, meaning: we emptied the big biriyanee pot. :)

Enough said, let’s hear my dear Simi.Thank you dear for participating to these series ! xoxo

Name: Simi Shoukath
Hails from: Ernakulam, Kerala
Currently: Germany
Occupation: Looking after family

My dearest Simi with her hubby Ajax - May Allah bless you- Ameen
Simi's house and her kids joined by her nephew Yaseen

2- Show us your Eid outfit, where did you buy it from? Why this outfit? Any specific reason?
The one that I was planning to wear was a gift from my dear husband when we went to Bangalore last December. The one that I actually wore was gifted to me by a dear friend in Kuwait. So both were gifts.The reason why I didn't wear this is because it was too hot on that day and being the host of the party I had lot of work, so I decided to wear something more convenient. So this was the dress I planned to wear.

3-What do you consider as  MUST on your Eid day?
There are a couple of things that i insist on Eid. One is new dress, at least for kids, Festive food that is biryanee. We all take a day off and stay at home on Eid day. I did this when I was working and I insist that kids stay at home now on Eid day.

Biriyanee by Ameenah - YUMMMM

4- Yesteryear's Eid or nowadays celebration? (Differences, habits, which one does you prefer the most)
I think one cannot compare your childhood Eid with Eid nowadays especially if you are living in a western country. If we don't make a conscious effort to make it special, it could be passed on as any other day which never happens in our home land. And here, of course we miss our parents, siblings and all the Eid rituals we had as a kid. But one thing I learned from this year's Eid is that if you have the right company and the mind to make it special, it could be made as special as our childhood Eid. [Aww, now that was really sweet and I do share this point with you my friend

Mehendi time
Thank you Rincy for the mehendi design on my hand - loved it 

5- How special was your Eid this year?
I would say this year’s Eid was one of the best Eid I had since I left kerala in 2000. This time I had both my siblings with family in our new home to celebrate Eid with us. More over I had some of my best friends and their family who also joined us for all the fun. We had a party of almost 25 adults and 10 kids at home. Special thanks to my dear friends Ameenah, Nimi, Shabu, Femi and Rincy who made all the food for the party. It was indeed an unforgettable day for me, thanks to you girls.
Simi's siblings who made her Eid very special  

A gathering without a selfie ? No way !

This was a small flash back for me and I must say I will always cherish this Eid. Being far from your parents, such gathering is heart filling. 


  1. Masha'allah <3 Beautiful gathering @home sweet home <3 cute piece of writing Nami. God Bless <3

    1. kavitha, you made my day. Than you so much dear. xoxo


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