What Is In My Bag ?

I LOVED reading this tag. 

Like the one did by this french blogger, Nadja Aime, it is in french but her blog is so relaxing, just the pictures are worth a CLICK

I also want to thank one of my fav french hijabi youtouber Asma Fares, who accepted to do the tag.
She is such a darling. I love watching her videos, she's natural and share loads of love through her videos.
Here is her bag news 

Curiosity apart, what is in the bag of someone may say a little of the one who carries it.
So here I am telling what I carry with me, and you tell who I am ;)

The bag
  • I bought this bag a year ago or more. It comes from SIX ACCESSORIES. A shop I am in love with since many years. It was between 20€ and 30€.This forest green seduced me and I am still love with it. A medium size CARTABLE model bag. I love its typical opening in the front. A small handle and a cross-body strap.

Spacious but not enormous, this bag is pretty convenient especially thanks to the front pouch.  

The bag is emptied. Scroll down my friend. 

A Phone.
  • My phone is certainly the least interesting stuff. It's 3 years old (or even more I guess): Samsung Galaxy S3. It still works, hangs time to time, but it fulfill my needs (I am clearly not a phone person).
  •  The case. I got the case from Mediamarkt. Colorful with Aztec motifs, customized by Ameera baby (1 year old) with few cute stickers that she handpicked and paste all by herself. I made her do this as she was leaving to Saudi for a long vacation. A small souvenir :)

Open the doors : keys

  • The car and house keys. I love my key chains.  

  • The car's key chain is very practical. No change ? That mini pouch contain a coin usable in shopping trolleys. LOVE IT. That was a smart purchase by my husband from Tchibo. Well done hubby !

  • That Hello kitty wearing a kimono comes from Japan, a gift from my friend Sangeeta who is Japanophile. ^-^ 
  • The round key chain, comes from UAE, from my brother in law Jafar. I love it coz it is easily catchable and weightless.

Stay organized
  • One pen. 
  • A mini file to save the bills. But I admit, I will still have few ones here and there in the bag. But I make sure to clean it frequently (I swear). 
  • A purse, got it from my lovely mommy darling.  It is sober, perfect to arrange all I need. I love it

Stay fresh
  • A pack of chewing um
  • A roller perfum. A gift from my dearest friend Hanan.
  • A mini deo. Bought it from Rossmann. The size is the winner !

The feminine touches
  • Baby lips by Maybeline. It works. I love the pop colors of the packaging. 
  • EOS lipbalm, flavor mint. It really works. 5€ it is, but no regrets. 
  • A lipstick, brand P2P a nude brown shade. I wear it very rarely as my lips get dry very fast. So I keep it in my bag and use it just before reaching the place of the event I attend.
  • My Neutrogena hand cream. The second tube I am buying. 

The perfect vision 
  • Burberry . I am  as much fond of the frame as the case. The day I did my lasic treatment, I replaced the glasses with plane ones. I wear them, the day I want to pull off a nerdy look or when I am very tired feel like hiding a good part of my face !!! 
  • An eye solution. My eyes are dry, they don't have enough tears and this is due to the lasic treatment. Twice I had pain in one eye as they got very dry and I felt something was irritating inside my eye. The reason was the lack of tears.  

Here ends the list. I try to not overload it. Hope you liked it. 

Do we carry the same stuffs ? What do you have in your bag that I don't have? 
Tell me ..Tell me 


  1. Gr8 post! I can see u also mentionned my name thanksssss honey ;-)

    1. Yessss dear :) I love your key chain..thks for tht cute gift dear

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    1. Thk u my darling ! Your support means a lot dear !

  3. Ith polichuu.. Suprb ��������


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