Roasted Potatoes

Summer or winter, roasted potatoes suit any season. 
In cold, they are more like a comfort food that you may have on your cozy couch, while watching Tv.
In summer, they are perfect for a grill party with lots and lots of friends, with a table full of food that has nothing to do with each other and in between, these roasted potatoes will for sure catch your attention... 

And they are also perfect for lazy days or a contrario,  on a busy day, as they require minimum effort :

Cut - season and bake (easier it is a sin !).

Here, measuring the seasoning is not necessary. Just throw the flavors as you like. 

But what you may need is a good technique to get the perfect roasted potatoes. 
I followed Beth's foolproof method.
{earlier I have trier her cornbread muffins }

So here is my take on the recipe :
  • I like to leave the peel. It gives a crispy texture in the outside.
  • The rosemary + olive oil  are a must.
  • I like garlic, so added its powder.
  • Paprika powder for the color, red chili flakes and a pinch of black pepper for the kick.

I had it with a home made garlic paste. Leave that  ketchup bottle in the fridge. 

Now the foolproof techniques are here. Watch Beth's video and subscribe to her channel for chic videos !