4 things to do before leaving for a long vacation

This time, before leaving for my long holidays to India and then to the UAE, I made sure to have a perfectly clean house that would wait for me on my return. Nostalgia, loneliness, jet-lag (...) many reasons to prolong your vacation at home by being lazy and get back to your routine.

These tips will actually comfort your laziness when back home and be 100% ready to leave for holidays.
Tested and approved here are my tips! :)

1- Start cleaning 1 week ahead

One day, one Room - from A to Z.
You may think It is better to clean your apartment/house just the day before leaving because it usually get messy at the end, so you just want to do it once and for good.
But for a zen departure I would recommend to NOT POSTPONE the big cleaning. 
It can be overwhelming when you end up handling the packing, the cleaning... etc altogether.
Make sure to have a TIDY place the whole week. Do the mopping 2 days before and the final vacuum 1 day before you are off. 
Plus, with a clean surrounding you will be able to tackle all those unexpected events that always happen to me before going for vacation !

2- Clean everything that may cause bad odors 

a- Waste bin (of course)

Clear the bin - and here is my tip - REFILL it with a new plastic bag.
Back from vacation, you will have many things to throw away, and searching for a waste bin bag is really not what you feel like doing after a good break.
Don't laugh at me but a ready to use waste bin really made me feel good ! LOL
Small things make my day ! :D

b- Your laundry basket

EMPTY it. 
After a long vacation you will certainly have a new load of laundry to do, so lets avoid accumulation,
Doing the laundry in advance will also help you to sort out the clothes you need to put in the bag.

c- Your fridge
Clean the racks, Check the expiry dates
Give to your friends or neighbors the products that will cross their expiry date during your absence. No wasting.
It also makes some room in your fridge if you bring food from your homeland.

3- Prepare your bed

If there is something you are happy to see when you come back is your BED.
The comfort of your bed is just not comparable. And if it smells clean and good - double thumbs UP.
Two days before- change your bed sheet + cover. Wash your plaids, pillow covers.
Why two days before ? Because that will give you time enough to wash and dry them.
Remember: empty laundry basket ! (^-^)

4- Small shopping

Most of the time I get back home on Sundays. 
Meaning : deserted streets in Europe. No shops are open.  
Before leaving, do a small shopping that would satisfy your firsts meals
Buy some non-perishable food: milk,rice, pasta, tea, coffee.
Onion and garlic got a good resistance in time too.
Canned tomatoes are also a life saver sometimes.
If you don't turn off your fridge and freezer : butter, jam, frozen vegetables, burgers, pizza...etc. 
But don't overload it. 

Here we are done. But I am sure more tips and tricks are there to ease the departure and make the return more comfortable.
What is your tip ? Tell me.


  1. 'Prepare your bed" is the best advice. I open the door. Wash my hands and face and first place I head to with kids is the bed. I should write one such blog for Business Travel :-) .." As you enter the hotel , run a bath ,disconnect TV, order room service ...:-) "


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