Zen and fresh - Living room deco

As said before I love to change the look of my interior quite often.
Really, it doesn't ask you to move mountains.

*** Change the vase, move it, fill it with different variety of flowers, mix and match candle holders, moving few accessories here and there and you are DONE ! ***

When you have a white interior I feel the possibilities of changes may be a bit easier - MAY BE - I said ;)
So even if your interior is not white, give it a try.

I always felt changes are good for your WELL-BEING

Most of the accessories come from IKEA.
The white pillows come from HOME CENTER in Abu Dhabi but you can find in most of the stores. They are 45x45 in size, but in Ikea they are 50x50.
Then the vase like candle holder is a gift from a lovely friend of mine. She got me the right gift I must say.

I feel that the touches of green has enhanced the white background, it's ZEN -and-FRESH. 

By the time you are reading this post, my living room looks already different but for sure, this green and white combo will reappear under my roof ;)

Here is the look !

Where ? How much ? I'm telling you everything here...

Zen and fresh

€11 - ikea.com

€18 - ikea.com

€35 - ikea.com


€5,23 - ikea.com


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