Cornbread Muffins

If there is one YouTuber I have recommended to my fellow girls that Is Beth from "Entertaining with Beth".
I follow Beth's work from her debut with the Kin Community channel, and since some time now she has her own channel.

There are many food YouTubers I do follow, but Beth got this je ne sais quoi that makes her special.
Not only for her recipes but the whole ambiance she creates in her videos is so CHIC and ELEGANT, but at the same time so down to earth that whatever she does, It looks achievable by anybody.
I just wonder how she managed to do that. A big thumbs UP for that !
The last but not the least : the FRENCH touch !
She's married to a French man and her repertoire counts many classics from the French cuisine. Yes she has taste - hehehe.
Now you know why I'm so "gaga" about her work ! 

I miss her lengthy version videos that show a full menu from appetizer to desert. Don't get me wrong, It is not an endless list of ingredients and boring recipes - NO!NO! - tht's is not Beth's style. 
She goes further by explaining how to entertain the guests the best way possible and enjoy the gathering as a host as well.
You definitely have to visit her CHANNEL and let me know what you think about it.

Now, let's come to this recipe of her I did tried last month : CORNBREAD MUFFINS.

This was a discovery for me. 

I, of course, use cornstarch in some of my recipes but the cornflour, that was new. Its texture reminded me of semolina. 
In this recipe, if I have to change something, that would be the quantity of the salt. 
I ended up with something, that was not exactly sweet neither salty. May be that is the desired result, as I never tasted one  before, I can't really make a comparison and be a good judge.
I liked the texture, it's crumbly and rich, the idea of the jam inside is really a good thought. 
I think it's perfect for breakfast, especially if have you plan a hectic day ahead go for the cornbread muffins I would suggest, because it's really filling.
I enjoyed their beauty more, they looked so adorable with my little flags made with washi tape. Don't they ? :D