Breast Cancer Prevention Special : Salmon en papillote

When my cousin/friend/a lovely blogger came to me asking if I was interested to join her initiative for a breast cancer awareness collaboration, there was no a second thought : YES YES ...A BIG YES.
As a women who is exposed to the risk, but also because I'm witnessing  more people around me who suffered of this disease or currently suffering of it, this cause(one among so many)deserves some attention.
There is not one but several reasons that explain my small contribution to this cause. Hope it will help :) 

Before we enter the kitchen here is a small write up by Babble Queen Diaries 

What should I do ?

At first,  to go with the punchy pink of the logo I thought I would do a desert with a pink touch. 
But no, this is an awareness campaign. We want TO prevent this disease right? 
The focus is : healthy food that helps to prevent breast cancer.

Direction google.
Found lots of information, but info or intox ? 
I doubled check with a very good/serious book gifted by mom when I got married.
She always refers to this book when she or people around her are in need. 
Someone who cares about your health this MUCH, that can only be your mother ! :)   
This the book, we got from amazon.

If I have to sum up the idea of this book in one sentence : 
heal yourself with the right food habit, the natural way. 

I think I'll reserve a special post talking about this book, so I'll give you more details later. 
To get the list of 10 ingredients improving the prevention (list, which I checked with my book)-->>>> CLICK HERE

Let's come to the recipe.
In this special recipe I gathered some ingredients that are said to be good for the breast cancer prevention :
  • Salmon 
  • garlic 
  • orange fruits and vegetables : carrot, orange paprika
  • turmeric
If you can buy them organic, that would be really good for you.

This method of cooking called "en papillote" is a french technique. It's ULTRA HEALTHY as it is steamed.  The well sealed papillote will catch and "trap" all the flavors.
You may avoid adding oil as salmon is a oily fish, but coconut oil is very healthy and flavorful. 

First, pre-heat your oven at 180°c.

1 salmon filet
In a bowl mix/smash the folowing ingedients
1/2 coconut oil
1 clove of garlic, very finely minced
1/3 tps (or more if you like) turmuric powder
salt as per you taste

On a parchment paper, lay down your salmon filet and rub the previously done garlic mixture all over the fish.Just like this: 

Now, you can add almost any vegetable you feel like (I would highly recommend broccoli). In our perspective of breast cancer prevention, these are my "garniture" for today:

- Half of a carrot sliced in julienne
- sliced red onion (they add a sweetness and a lovely color )
- sliced in half cherry tomatoes : orange, yellow, red ... enjoy   add colors !
- red and orange paprika lengthwise cut
- chopped coriander : as much as you want 

Put all these on your salmon and make your papillote(Watch the video at the end).
Seal your papillote very tight. I have used kitchen food string, the traditional way ! 
It goes in the pre-heated oven at 180°c for 30minutes.

It was SUCCULENT! When you open a gift pack like papillote,the hot steam full of flavors coming out of it is a real comfort. And it's such a simple recipe.
Healthy food are not assimilated with tastiness,then this an exception that proves the rule.  
Well I think so !
Try it, personalize your papillote and tell me what did you add in?

To know  how to make a papillote and also get inspired,here is a recipe by a lovely cook book writer, Rachel Khoo.

As a part of a the collaboration, my Instagram friend Henna joined me with a desert. A lovely girl with chic tastes !  ;) Stay tuned to her FB page to get updated with great recipes [ CLICK ME ]