French Toast - Pain Perdu

Today God gifted us a lovely sunny morning. Autumn is here and sunny days are now counted. 
I recently gathered with my girls Bana and Nadeen who start their day with a good and healthy breakfast. I thought I should do that too, if not everyday at least once in a while.

So on this sunny day, I decided to treat myself with some French toasts known as "pain perdu" in France, along with some fresh fruits. 
I wanted something tasty and pretty as well. 
No hurries, with care and delicacy,  SELFISHLY just for me !
I did. I liked, so of course I must share it !

Here I have to thank my MOM who, when I told her I was planning to do a blog, bought me my first ever accessories with which I was able to cut these fruits so beautifully . 
Thank you mom, may Allah bless you...Ameen 

French toast, here you go...

Ingredients for 4 slices

  1. 4 thick slices of ciabatta bread - must be 1 or 2 days old - ( or any other thick bread, country loaf, even brioche would do )
  2. 1 tbsp fraiche cream  + 6 tbsp milk ( if you have heavy cream that's even better, take 5 to 6 tbsp)
  3. 1 egg
  4. 1tsp sugar (or more if you prefer sweeter)
  5. 1tsp vanilla essence or vanilla sugar
  6. 1 tbsp butter 

Few steps to follow

  • Take the ingredients from number 2 to 5 and mix well. Pour the mixture in a flat bottom plate.

  • Put in the bread slices and turn, so both sides are well coated. The bread will absorb the mixture. In my case the whole mixture got soaked up.
  • In a hot pan, put some butter and let it melt. Don't burn it. To avoid that you can add less than a teaspoon oil, but you can do it without.
Now add in your bread slices, and brown them - both sides - on medium/low heat.

For a sophisticated look on this rustic pleasure, I sprinkled on some caster sugar.If instead you are thinking of wiped cream - OMG !- then you are on the very right path  ! hehehe...

You did all these steps ? Then let me inform you that it's READY !

Hey, I have something more to share today:

The video that inspired me to use cookie cutters on fruits. Watch it and I bet you will subscribe to the channel ! :)




  1. Beautiful presentation and I would eat a french toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner:)


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