Naan - North Indian Bread

Hello dears. After 2 months of a well NEEDED break, I am back.
I always thought that holidays make you either more creative or either lazier !

So here I am back with many ideas in my head, and lets start with a lovely bread recipe that I have tried out.

I LOVE bread.From baguette to chapatti, the shape doesn't matter to me ! NAAN is definitely among my favorites.

To me, the toughest part was not the making session , it was to find a good recipe.
With or without yeast, with eggs or not... the list goes on and you don't know which one to try.

Finally, I got one. Of course the recipe is good, but what a blog ! The photos themselves filled my tummy.
May be you don't want to make naans but you must give a LOOK at the blog, it is really visual treat.
Well explained with words as well as with stills, my first trial was a great success.

Had the naans with a keema curry and I say : YUMMM !

Hope you like the shots, SCROLL DOWN for the recipe's link. 


  1. This delicious naan looks like a perfect winter treat with any vegetable mix.
    :) Nice to see you back Nami XX

    1. So lovely comments...May God bless you , Ameen. I want your blog's link dear


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