A Tricky Easy Chicken Korma

I made a chicken korma, a very UNCONVENTIONAL one.

Before my marriage my MOTHER never made me cook even though I really wanted.

Instead of that, she used to make me observe her, which, I honestly hated. 
She used to say "watch me and you will learn". At that time I found that so boring and wanted to be a part of the process by chopping, mixing, serving ...etc.
I always start watching her but I never been good in being a "passive follower".

In conclusion, I have never watched her making a dish from A to Z. 

Humm...Mothers are INCREDIBLE. From the little I have seen, or lets say, she made me seen, is helping me a lot today.
THANKS to God, thanks to her.
She used to give me some TIPS in between and when I ended up in a kitchen alone by my own, those precious tips came on my mind.

The tip I am sharing with you comes actually from my GRAND mother -The most wonderful cook ever- who taught it to my mom and now I am here in this blog with you.

To make this, you first need to make a basic chicken curry. Even though I have my own recipe I decided to try a recipe from a blog. 

So here goes a good basic chicken curry recipe ***CLICK HERE***

I followed the exact recipe a part that I did not add one ingredient : the chopped coconut.

When your basic chicken curry is ready, take 1 handful fresh mint leaves. Grind very well..  Add to the curry. One simmer.

Believe me, it's ready. 
Hope you will give a try. Enjoy !



  1. Chicken korma looks awesome. Well photographed. *drool* *drool* -- vibha

  2. Vibhaaa... Thank youuuu ...Made my day ...huumm my evening !!!

  3. Wow..it's wonderfully amended to your taste..and superbly clicked..Loved it Nami..Cheers and thanks for the link..

    Hope to see more from you ..


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