Chicken Chattipathil / Chattipathiri - Indian Chicken layered cake

The North of Kerala is famous for the diversity of dishes this region offers.
My first advise : don't waste your time in counting calories if you eat a pure "Malabari" dish.
There are a LOT but it's just so GOOD

For the first time I attempted a Malabari snack called chatti pathiri or chattipathil.
The concept is simple, I would describe it as a crêpe cake :
Layers of crepes filled with a spicy chicken filling.
The layers and the chicken filling are bonded with an egg mixture. 
So you end up with a real cake shaped snack.
As you understood here I did a savory version.  

Let's start.
To make this dish, 2 links were helpful to me.
This blog itself is pretty much enough but since this dish consist of several phases, to get a clear "picture", watching a video was helpful and this one was one of the best i have seen on YouTube. 
Sorry to my all non malayalee readers as the video isn't in english , but no worries because the blog is the main guide here and the video is just a bonus.   

How I did and my tips;
  • I followed the blog's measurements and watched the video. 
  • Cooked the chicken in water with no spices. So I got a nice chicken broth that I have used for making clear soup.
  • My mother in law told me to make the first layer a bit thicker than the rest. So it will hold the whole "cake" better. 
  • I didn't have enough chicken mix, and as shown in the video, I also made an egg mixture with which I was able to make 11 layers in total, alternating the two different mixtures. 
  • I cooked in a pot but the blog  also suggests to bake in the Oven. I think it is an easier way.
  • Here are some IMPORTANT POINTS if you are not baking in the oven: 

    1. Respect the quantity of the egg you will pour over the cake at the end.
    2. Make sure the egg is well cooked by pressing on the top and check if the egg is loosing out from the sides. If yes, reduce the heat and cook lid on.
    3. I did the last step shown in the video at 5:47. Reverse the cake on a hot and greased pan, so both the bottom and the top of the cake are well cooked.

And now you got the right links to try and I hope my tips will help you as well.

By the way, in Kerala, it is considered as snack but we had it as a main course for our dinner with a hot cup of tea. 
And let me tell you this is a great sleeping pill. 
Try it, fill your tummy and sleep like a baby (or better go for a jog). 

Have to mention Shabhu, because she is the one among us who really knows this snack and her advises really helped me. Thank youuuuu
Those no so pretty hands are mine, so the credits of those shots go to Faiz. As usual, Masha Allah, well done bro !

Ok, it's getting pretty long i guess. On the coming posts I'll make sure to be less talkative.


  1. Thanks for trying it out Nami.. You have a wonderful space here. Loved your tips with the stove top cooking. I have yet to expertise it :)

    1. Thanks a lot Nitha. Will surely try more recipes from your blog. If you have suggestions pls let ne know.
      Stay in touch trough FB as well, here is my Page

  2. Nice snaps and recipe Namitha. Will try it and let you know.
    Thanks a lot for inviting to this lovely page..

    1. Hi Jameela ...tht would be great ! Do let me know ;)


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