Fruit Smoothie Trial

This was a trial for a smoothie with banana, raspberry, apple and milk.

As we all know a smoothie is basically a healthy drink.

But I end up with a too sour smoothie and the culprit is : Mr. Raspberry.

To make up that sourness I had to add 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar.
So the healthy part of my smoothie just flew away.

The only good thing that happened with this trial, is the shots of the fruits I took just before I destroyed them.
Like the taste, I was quite disappointed with the picture of the smoothie.
So here I'm adding the shots of the fruits only.     

So if you are adding raspberry in your smoothie, don't be as generous I was!


  1. Hey Nami, This is my first time here and I am amazed by your beautiful posts! I have a lot to read and learn in sha Allah. When I decide and try your recipes, I shall let you know:)

    1. Insha Allah and so is my case. Will surely try your recipes as well..there are pretty interesting stuffs there. Keep in touch via my facebook Nami's page. Thanks a lot for your kind words.


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